Electronic data interchange with EDIFACT and ELGATE

EDIFACT: Electronic Data Interchange For Administration Commerce and Transport

We follow the recommendations of the EDIFACT task force comprising member companies of the German associations VEG (electrical wholesalers) and ZVEI (electrical and electronic manufacturers). The data structures are organised according to the rules of the EDIFACT subset EANCOM. The task force mapped the structures for the message types order, order confirmation, shipping notification and invoice. We process all named message types.


You obtain a GLN (Global Location Number) from GS1.
Contact: GS1 Germany GmbH, Maarweg 133, 50825 Cologne

Confirmation of Participation GS1 System (pdf)

ELGATE: Electrical Business Data Exchange Technology

The VEG and ZVEI jointly determined rules for online data exchange (see also www.elgate.biz).
This portal offers members of the VEG the opportunity to retrieve data online on

  • the availability of products,
  • prices and
  • orders.

We give our customers the opportunity to check product availability via this portal.

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