What suppliers need to consider when working with the Klauke group

These guidelines offer information on the purchasing system at the Klauke group. We would like to show all prior and new suppliers the easiest way to achieve a close, trustworthy and fair partnership. In our partnership with you, we expect you to be highly flexible and contentious about quality and deadlines. Our customers are increasingly demanding shorter deadlines and increased adaptation to market conditions. We can only achieve this with your full support.


The goal of the Klauke group is: Satisfy our customers’ demands and wishes to the very fullest. Our purchasing system must be continuously improved for the following reasons:

  • to remain a competent, high-performance partner with our customers
  • to lower cost
  • to ensure quality and
  • maintain deadlines.


The requirements for collaboration are:

  • quality
  • adherence to deadlines
  • competitive prices
  • offer excellent service and
  • advanced notice of problems.

Your performance will be regularly reviewed by our Purchasing Department.

Adherence to deadlines

In order to be able to furnish our performances reliably, the Klauke group needs deliveries to be absolutely punctual in accordance with the delivery date indicated in the order. Packaging and/or shipping instructions must be followed. If it is foreseeable that you will not be able to meet the requested deadline, you must immediately inform the Purchasing department of the Klauke group. The reasons leading to the delay must be investigated and redressed. In emergencies, every effort needs to be made to shorten the normal time it takes to make the delivery.


If the competitor submits an offer with lower prices to the Klauke group purchsing department, you will get the opportunity as current supplier to review your prices in case of important, high-sales products.


The Klauke group wishes to nurture a future and market-oriented partnership with you as our suppliers who are guided by our goal of satisfying our customers. We would be glad to receive any suggestions that further this goal, as well as suggestions regarding improvements.

Supplier information