Our General Terms & Conditions for Suppliers

Our General Terms & Conditions govern matters such as delivery dates, delays in delivery, payments, etc. These matters are described in detail in our General Terms & Conditions (pdf) and must be observed.

We also expect you, as our supplier, to comply with all the legal regulations applicable in the EC in respect of supplied parts and their intended use. This includes, for example, observing the duty to provide information according to Article 33 as described in the REACH Ordinance (1907/2006/EC), and complying with the conditions on banned substances in products in respect of RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC. Given our generally long-standing supplier relationships, we assume that you are familiar with the field of application for the components you supply.

Should you not be entirely clear on such field of application, please contact us. Your contact person is Mr. Rolf Knufmann, who can be contacted by e‐mail at Rolf.Knufmann@Emerson.com.

We have summarised all information for you on our Environmental page.